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Do you ship internationally?
Yes.  We provide international service to destinations throughout the world.  Overland Freight offers you the flexibility and personal attention not available from the larger domestic and international carriers.

What areas do you serve?
We provide service throughout the 50 United States and International destinations.  Depending on the cargo, we also can provide expedited international or domestic shipments, with next day delivery to many major business centers.

What do you mean when you state, The Service You Deserve?
What we mean by this is that you deserve to have your order completed, on time, and with no surprises.  You deserve to make one phone call and be able to cross it off your list.  You deserve to have a logistics provider that you can count on, who comes up with positive solutions and is a valuable asset to your business.

How quickly can you service an order?
Depending on the circumstances, we can pick up your load within five minutes, or up to a week. Of course, the more lead time you give us, the more precisely we'll be able to fit into your schedule. In fact, we're pleased to make an appointment for the exact delivery or pick-up time.

Do you handle full loads (FTL)?
Yes.  In fact, that is our specialty.  Contact our sales team to facilitate your load today.

Why should I use a 3rd Party Logistics Provider?
It is best to use the expertise of a streamlined intermediary to free you up to focus on your core business.  According to the American Trucking association, there are more than 500,000 carriers with 80% of them having fewer than 20 trucks.  There is a great variation in the quality of carriers.  Before any loads are pulled, all of our carriers are pre-qualified and agree in writing to our stringent quality and safety requirements.  Let Overland Freight investigate, research, verify, and work with the carriers to come up with the best transportation solution for your needs.

How do I become a Qualified Overland Freight Carrier?
Overland Freight views it's carrier relationships as partnerships.  The carriers are a key ingredient to the success of our company.  We strive to build this relationship for the long term and realize that nothing short of complete honesty, fairness, and service will do.  We will always do our best to keep the equipment moving on a continuous basis and in the direction you want to go.  To become a qualified carrier or if you are interested in learning more please visit our Carrier page today!